Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As yesterday, everything was going great until some no good news where given to us.
The travel agency comunicated to us that the price for uor expedition will be 3 times more that what we wore toll.
Lot of things got lost in comunication in the past couple of weeks between the germans travel agency and us.!!!!
Know it is basicly about 3,500 Euros per person with out warranty a pick up in the end of our trip !!!
Know we are back to zero in terms of plans and loigistics. The germans have the money so they will keep paying to that agency for lots of unsure things. We are now taking a plan B.
We will heading this afternoon to Naryn via Bus, talk to some contacts and see what we can do.
Our possiblities are : going to the Borkodoy range or the Ab-bashy range. Would see what up.
We will be giving more up dates once we know where we are going.

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