Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Finally after a long 2 days of travel we finally are in Bishkek.
Our travel adventure was pretty funny: Everythiung start in Denver when we show up at the DIA with lots and lots of bags. They end up charging us for a extra bag 200 !!!!!! in our rush to get eveything together, we forgot to mark some of the bags. We where super concern since they left with out been mark. In the end eveything work just fine we got all the bags and life is good.
After living Denver, our next stop was LA. It was my first time on that city and for me was pretty mind blowing to see how big and caotic is it. The airport is huge and we find ourselfs running lots in order to get to our gate in time. We had to go to security there too!!!! I got the chance to pass firts I was waiting on Philippe then I saw all the security people running out off the room and screaming to everybody to don't move. My heart almost stop. Hoo man something really wrong is happening I'm outside of the room, but my partner still inside minutes pass and them the head officer thank everybody for been part of a security drill !!!!! I find myself little shaking after the adrenaline rush in my body. After that daventure we where in our way to wait for our plane to take us to Moscow. but firts we had other surprise when we end up running into the bass player of the Red Hot Chilli peppers on a pretty crazy out fit. After that we where in a plain heading to Moscow Russia. The flight was pretty pleasent and long too 12 ours left we where in Moscow Russia where we had to wait 6 hours for our final flight to Bishkek. Been in the airport in Moscow for 6 hours it was like been in a crazy wild human zoo all kinds of people from all over the World heading to everywhere in the World. After some time of waiting it was time for us to take the flight to Bishkek 5 hours later we find ourselfs in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. At this point I wasn't sure waht time and which day it was it's been soo long since I left home that not sure where the time has gone. After going to imigration in Bishkek our diver was waiting for he will take us tyo the hotel where we will be able to rest. In our way there, we realize that our driver it was draving pretty fast and on top of that start falling sleep while driving!!!!! I man this is it for us I was thinking. We start to talk to him an try to keep him awake but the dude was so tired that even with us talking he still keep falling sleep going super fast on the streets of Bishkek. Finally!!!!! We are safe in the door of our hotel where we can relax sleep and get ready to head out in to twon later on and check out the capital. For now is time to rest.

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