Thursday, September 1, 2011


After a long drive from Bishkek to Naryn, we are finally are getting some where.
The drive that last 6 hours it was totally terrified. Our driver, a 18 year old crazy dude drove us about 70 to 100 KPH passing other cars in curves and blind sections of the road. I totally thought we will died yesterday buy far the most extreme thing that I have done in my life.
After the drive and once in Naryn we where welcome by the director of the tourist and information center of Naryn.
It was a great help to have somebody who can helps us here. Also we met some peace corps people who are been a great help figuring out very basis things in here like food, places to sty and logistics.
Now are move is figure out where are we going next. There are so many places to go climbing here and some of them have never been explore that it is overwhelmed. So many options it is pretty cool.
We will be hanging out today here and most likely will make a decision on where to go later o today.


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