Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This year it has been pretty and know harder with the lost of Guy Lacelle. 
He also awesome mixed climber he been on his mid 50's climbs harder than climbers half of his age.

Bozeman Ice Festival

The Bozeman Ice Festival was awesome it was a new place or me.
here all the gangsters hanging out dong some sending. good times wit some Bros!!!
The Mixed climbing is awesome here I'm trying to on-sight Roman Candle super cool M8.
This Montana boys keep it real with the grades this M8 is pretty Stout for the grade. beautiful route.
Super cool Trad Mixed routes. here Climbing wit my bro Chad peele. 
Our last day we had the chance to check out Alpha doing the Mixed variation.
This good looking one(the name of the route) is a very god looking one route.
Our last night we had the chance to stop on the dam and check out the Ice fisher mans. and their style. pretty cool. Also we had the chance to do some reflection time for Guy Lacelle and wish Him the best on his new journey. We love you Man !!!!!! and thanks for all the inspiration.  
All the images wore taking by JT Thompson super awesome photographer.
Many thanks to Eddie Bauer First ascent to send us there. their gear kicks Ass.