Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The 2014 Ouray Ice Festival is coming soon and the calendar of events is up on the web.
I will be teaching 3 clinics, 2 on Friday and 1 on Sunday.
Get your spot before they are fill up looking forward to see you there!!!!
Check out the Ouray Ice Festival Clinic Schedule

A Great Day of Early Season Ice Climbing in Ouray!!

This season here in Ouray, CO we are having an incredible start to the Winter with tons of Ice climbing and great skiing.

My training for the upcoming competitions and climbing projects is going super well, and most importantly very fun.

I have couple of days in between training cycles, so I decided to go and have fun ice climbing in the backcountry for two days in a row.  The first route I did it with my girlfriend Annie, we climbed the Ribbon WI-4 200M.  The second was with Bryan Gilmore who is one of my favorite climbing partners. We climbed the Talisman WI6, M6R 220M.

I usually start my day with a smoothie to get energy and my body in tune. 
Here is one of my recipes:

1 Banana
3 Chard lives 
1/2 Apple 
1/4 Cup of Berries
1/4 Cup of yogurt
1/4 Almond milk 
3 scoops of GU RECOVERY SMOOTHIE!!!!!
Some ice, put it all on the blender and you will get the most awesome 
smoothie. A great way to start your day!

While drinking my yummy smoothie, I'm putting together the gear that I'm taking for a long day of hard alpine ice climbing:
THE  ROCTANE and ELECTROLYTE BREW is a great and efficient way to stay hydrated after long approaches and to keep energy levels high, so they are one of the items I make sure to have with me!!    

After the approach from the trail head to the base of route a warm ROCTANE cup and a ROCTANE GU will get you ready to start climbing hard!!!!

There we go climbing time!!! Keeping the BREW and GU up will make me fill like a Rockstar or I should say an Ice star!!!! The route in this photo is called The Talisman. Right now (early conditions) the route it is really hard!!!

It is pretty incredible how you feel with good overall nutrition and products like the ones GU offers. Performance will always be up when you stay on top of providing your body with fuel.

Thanks to GU for keeping me always energized for my adventures, competitions, and expeditions all over the world!!!!   
 All best,