Monday, January 24, 2011


It took me about 2 weeks to decompress from the Ice Fest here in Ouray.
This year Fest is was like any other Ouray Ice fest, super fun!!!!!!!

I got to see lots of good friends from all over the place, friends that I only get to see every time this festival happens. I also got to see lots of psyched people who wanted to go ice climbing, party, learn new stuff, hot springs, check out gear, party some more, dance, take clinics and seminars,high line, get super cool standing around, fall in the river and have lots of fun...... What a great event.!!!!!!

The comp was also very cool. Like any other comp you have only one chance to do good, other wise you are gone have to wait for some other day to try again the route and hopefully do good. Some of us including myself feel very low on the route :( Some other people have the chance to make it a ways out, some other people said TAKE!!!!! Even when they have the chance to get higher on it and maybe keep on going. Crazy heee? !!!! Some others like home boys Josh W and Will M had the chance to make it to the top and all of us cheer for them. Way to good bros !!!!

On the female side of the comp and with only 4 women on the comp :( Home girl Dawn G took first place great work CHICA !!!!!. Super good props for Emily H who despite her lack of mixed climbing knowledge she when out there and give it a go to the route until she feel. WAY TO GO EMILY !!!!! Next year for sure :)

Definitely looking forward for next year Ice Fest!!!!
Ha!!!! lets bring some more female talent to the mixed arena!!!!!

Many thanks for all the people who make it happen what a rad event to be part of!!!!
Also many thanks for the people who took my clinics hope you guys learn something :)
Looking forward for the next Ice Fest.