Sunday, April 29, 2012


After climbing with all the boys and girls from paradox, I got the opportunity to help on a photo shot that my friend Chad Jukes who is one of the faces of paradox sports and who is a great ice climber had set up.
We climb a route on the upper bridge at the ice park.

Here are some of the photos from that session:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 WINTER RECAP !!!!

This past winter was one of the most awesome ones.  Tons of climbing lots of work great times with friends and even and injury made this past winter an unforgettable one.

Early on Nov while climbing at the cave above Ouray, I strain my MCL on my right knee. this injury put me on bed and without be bale to do much for the rest of Dec.  For a few days I thought that I had to have surgery and pretty much my winter and spring will be over in terms of climbing and work. with lots of good energy, rest, massages and physical therapy my knee recover 80% just in time for the ice fest. Where I had the best result so far I was one of the only 2 climbers to top the route. Pretty much a dream come through.  Just a week before that with my knee felling little funny and wearing a huge knee I got to send one of the hardest mixed routes that I have done. Cinnamon and cider M11 +, after the ice fest with my recovery still on schedule and having to wear the knee brace I did the FFA of  Brian's Gilmore new route and one of the hardest ones in the ice park. Lochness Monster M9+++ OR M10-. Either way that route was super low percentage with very scary stain pulls, on top of that and about a week later I repeat Bipolar M9+  and then, I place 4 at the Winter Teva Games. I finish my great season guiding the Bird Brain Blvd in very thing conditions and last but not least I was part of the Paradox Sports Ice program. Looking back I'm so psyched they way all paid out  I like to believe that things happen for a reason and that injury taught me lots.

Thanks to all who where part of the great 2012 winter.

Some of the press from this Winter include:
Photo on the 37 Alpinist issue
Alpinist news wire
Rock and Ice news wire (twice)
Daily planet news paper (twice)
Vail CO news paper (twice)
Rock and Ice Annual photo issue
New York Times news wire
New York Times Video



Last month I had the opportunity to be part of the Paradox Sports weekend that took place as every year in Ouray. We had the chance to climb all weekend long. Climbers with out legs, arms and even on wheelchair climb all day long. It was a total honor for me to be part of of that great event and be able to help as much as I could. They are a total inspiration for me. It helps me to remember that even when I have bad days I do have 100% great health, all my fingers, toes, arms and legs.
The energy of the weekend was awesome talking about good actitude, they have the best !!!!!

As an example here it is Sean O'neill sending some steep ice. We had he chance to work on a system for him to use for ice climbing.  
Saun having great times swinging away!!!!!!!!! 

All the crew and it fearless leader Malcom Daly.
Thank you Paradox Sports for letting me climb with you all. Totally looking forward for next year!!!