Monday, August 22, 2011


Finally, I'm in Colorado and is time for me to start packing for my next adventure.
So many things to pack and not forget, it is kinda of crazy especially for a person who most of the time forgets something.
I have some time here in Grand Junction at my parents house and then I will be heading to Boulder to meet Philippe and do our final packing and then the 27 catch a plain to a country and a continent that I have never been before. Little scare to be honest but super psyched in the same time !!!!!

Once again I want to thank all the friends and family that are helping this dream happen.
Thanks to the Mugs Stump Grant, Millet, Petzl (Chuck Odette), 5.10 Shoes, Blue Water, GU, Ice Holdz. Thanks to my family and sweetie Annie, Clint Cook and the San Juan Mountain Guides, RMI, Brian Gilmore, Chad peele, Dr. Courtney, Mark "Coach" Miller, Steve House, and my homies that lent me stuff. Love you all !!!!!!!

We will be talking with Brian Gilmore via sat phone and he will be providing "GOOD" weather in his awesome forecasting skills :) also he will be up dating this blog. Stay tuned.

Thanks Brian !!!!!!

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