Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I got to Ouray in mid October super psyched to be back in the San Juan's to see my friends to climb especially mixed climb and train for the winter projects and competitions.
Since last winter I have been thinking about this wall who would be perfect for my training, climbing and every body's enjoyment to climb new mixed, (more realistic) dry routes.
As much of you know, (who ever have put up new routes) that is lots of work. right !!!
picking the line, figure it out where and how you are going to bolt it, cleaning all the lose rock and then and last SENDING IT !!!!!!!!

Conditions were perfect. Sunny, warm and dry. I gather some gear that I got from my friends Clint Cook and Steve House who very nice and help me out and there I went. The mission is on the way !!!!!!!!!
First I start with the steepest part of the wall where the lines there are pretty cool looking a series of roofs where the climbing looks very interesting.

This roof is very cool feature and climbs really cool too....
Little bit on the hard side to bolt. My back was pretty work after I finish with it...
Then from the roof down is was pretty fast to figure it out where the line should go.....

Especially with a Hilti power drill soooooo much better than hand drill how I usually drill in the desert with.

After some long day is all done ready to be climb the first of 4 routes who are going to be put up in the course of this winter. Is time to SEND.
My good friend Bryan Gilmore who is a bad ass and myself agree that is about keep it real M8
Maybe a big harder!!!!
I wanted to thank Anita who help me out on the bolted day, Clint Cook for the drill and drilling kit and Steve House for the hangers. Many thanks Amigos !!!!!!!!!

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