Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In the beginning of Nov here in Ouray, we had a super fun rock climbing competition that my good friend Kevin Copprek organize.
The comp was a endurance comp. 1:30 min of climbing with the same partner. Both climbers had to lead the routes from 5.10 to 5.12 and one "alpine route" a 5.6 that we had to climb with a 35 pound back pack. There were 6 teams of pretty good rock climbers specially the locals who know all the routes move by move.
I had the pleasure of having Steve House as my partner so we wore all psyched to climb for 1:30 straight

Before the comp starts, the rain came down on us but everybody including the spectators wore psyched to roll with the program.
And their we goo. the Clock start and is climbing time.

It was my first time climbing with Steve, and let me tell you that it was super fun.
Here he is climbing in the middle of the rain after 7 pitches of 5.11- Our strategy was climbing the alpine route as much as we can since that route had the most points of all. Super sketchy climbing the wet slab with a heavy pack in my running shoes.
Check this one out here of all us on the sharp end climbing as much pitches as we could.
In the end, our strategy paid out and we end up having the most points of any of the teams
taking first place. Here a photo of Steve and I with our points card. Super fun times climbing with my partner sharing some god times with all the other climbers and being cheering by lots of spectators. Thanks to everybody for the good times and looking forward for next year

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