Monday, December 27, 2010


On Christmas day, I had the opportunity to head out to the cave above the ice park with my good friend E House to give a goo to my project. It was sunny and in the warm side. I was feling pretty good energy wise, some words of encouragement from my friend and I went to send my first project of the season.
The proj is call The grand traverse of the cave grade? M hard. Harder that any other route in the cave where routes go up to M11+. It may off be the second or first ascent of this route. No really sure!!!
This is the hardest Mixed route that I have ever climb so far and this is enough for me.
What a great route.!!!!!!
Here is a over view of the route: Starts on the left side and start traversing all the way to the right. The opening sequence is pretty cool follow by quite dynamic climbing and finishing on a steep head wall the technical crux, where I had fall in previous attempts with 8 tries total is been the longest mixed climb for me to rep point in terms of tries. It was a great challenge especially mental one.

Photo of victory sharing great felling with a friend who has give me lots of inspiration and tons of encouragement. Plus he totally when out his way to give me a belay for the final send.
Thanks bro E House!!!!!

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