Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The Ice conditions this winter in the San Juan's is been out the hook everything is ON!!!!!!
So far I had the opportunity to climb most of the classics like this one THE TALISMAN.
The talisman of one of the hardest classics where the climb is very steep and engaging especially in condition like this.

I had the opportunity to climb this route in the end of November with a climber who I consider one of the best and who I also had the chance to hang out and learn tons from. This guy have define what alpine climbing is all about. His name Steve House. He has been a great mentor and a person who have teach me lots of cool stuff in the short time that we have been climbing together. Thank for all the inspiration S H.

Here is a close up photo of what is waiting for us up there.

The first pitch we did in 2 because the difficulty of it. No much ice but lots of low angle unprotectable loose rock and frozen grass. quiet scary!!!!

We wore pretty busy dealing with the second pitch that we didi not have time to shot some photos, but let me tell you that it was pretty dam hard.

Here Steve leading the 3 pitch very steep ice. keep in mind that we wore the first team to climb this route this season so everything was very fresh and is usually harder.

After the good climbing with a great friend and climbing partner was time for a WE ARE IN ONE PIECE and ALIVE photo. great times Steve thanks again brother :)

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