Saturday, November 6, 2010


This last October, I had the opportunity to go to Chicago and checkout the Marathon.
My awesome girl friend Anita was running the Marathon to help a fund raise in central Mexico.

Anita's Mom start 11 years ago CASA DE LOS ANGELES. It is a day care for single moms with very little $ to raise their kids.

The Chicago Marathon is the main event where they had the opportunity to raise money for a great cause. In the end they end up raising over 40,000 dollars. that it is the double down in mexico. WAY TO GO :)

The marathon was a great event to watch over 35,000 people run that every year. Super inspairing. In terms of distance Marathons a 24 miles. So for most of us it will take more than 3 hours of running no stop~!!!!! People from all over the World run in this event plus they have the chance to check out the city that way to. Here is Anita with her awesome smile she keep it for 24 miles straight. Pretty cool.
Lots of funny al cools things to see along the Marathon.

In the end is was a great time on the city. What a great experince looking forward for next year. Here is a little video of the start of the race. Some people thats what they do for living run marathons especially the Africans how are the BEST runners in the world. Check it out.

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