Monday, February 11, 2013


The Bozeman ice fest was a blast!!!
A fun weekend full of great climbing, fun clinics, super good friends and beautiful place overall.

The weekend start with some climbing and shooting some photos at the bingo world cave with my friends Tyler, Laura and Jason.
We play in a route that is call North West passage M11.

Next day the fest was in full speed. I spend the day teaching a clinic about ice climbing the day was really fun many athletes and students all learning and having great time.
I had the opportunity to teach a clinic for Petzl about ice climbing.

On Saturday the competition took place down town Bozeman!!!!
The structure was pretty cool and the ambience was great.
All and all a great times.

On te last day of the fest Jason T, Tyler J, Gilbert and Laura J did some photo work for Millet
Jason photos turn out being really cool!!!!

Super awesome times in Bozeman what a great event and totally looking forward to be there next year!!!!! 

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