Friday, August 17, 2012


I had the opportunity to learn really cool things from amazing talented people, not only in climbing but in other sports that I have try and practice. My most recent sport that I pick up a few years ago is Sky Diving. My good friend Ben Mitchell turn me on in to this amazing and crazy sport on 2009. In this crazy journey I was not alone, I had two great partners in crime: Leon Davis and Chad peele. I got the chance to learn with those 2 and jump for first time with them too. In fact, we had the chance to see each other jumping out of control from Helicopters, Otters, C 182, Caravans and many other air crafts. The journey has been insane in a good and scary way too.
For me it is super inspirational to see and learn from such a great jumpers such as Andy Farrington and the boys and girls of Kapowsin air sports, Ammon Mcneely, Dean potter and other crazy sky monkeys.

Here are some cool pics of jumping :

First jump !!!! One of the craziest ones. Something about jumping from a perfect flying plain is totally counter intuitive. In the end, the fun just begone.
After completing the AFF (advance free fall course) it was for me to start jumping by myself and later on with friends.

After e few more jumps, I had the chance to do my first jump from a helicopter. By far the most incredible one to date. Jumping from helicopters you get the fell of free fall since the chopper is totally still by the time of the jump different than planes where they already go at 70 mph when you jump.
Here in this photo with Ben Mitchell.

Another cool jump that I did was from 18,000 feet. This one was especial since we had to use oxygen before jumping from the plane. before jumping from the plane.   

Gear up is one of the funnest part of the hole thing. is when the butterflies start to fly in the stomach
making sure that all the gear is functioning proper is vital for a safe jump.

This guy here is as hardcore and crazy as it gets. Andy Farrington is one of the most accomplish sky and BASE jumpers to date.
A Red Bull air force team member, 5.10 and others big companies athlete this fellow has been someone who have inspired me big time !!!!
One of his many cool jobs is to do stunts jumps for movies such as Transformers and the new Iron man movies the coolest part is he does this kind of jobs with his Mom how is a sky diving pioneer in the country. thanks for the inspiration Andy !!!!!!!!!       

All and all this jumping fun road has been super interesting where I had the opportunity to learn tons about such an incredible sport and also had the chance to learn about myself.

Keep the body and soul flying !!!!!! 


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