Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Our expedition to the West Rib in Denali was excellent.
The group was a super strong one with great energy and awesome personalities.
The Group:
Andes, Adam, James, Peter, Courtney.
For most part the weather was great. In our time there we did not encounter any big storms, but the unsettle weather keep us from having a 100% nice weather.
In the end, we end up climbing 2 routes in Denali. The West Rib from 14,000 camp up to 19,000 where we run out time and then after 3 days of resting we did the West Buttress.
It is not common it all for a group to do this in the same expedition, but having that strong a crew keep the options open. Great job Team!!!!!

In our way to 7.800 great day!!!!

We spend a total time of 8 days in 14,000 camp. Cool place to hang.

In our way up to 17,000 here James is cruising above the fixed lines.
Finally after lots of hard work we found ourselves at the Summit.
(sorry for not having a group shoot)
Many thanks for the great expedition. It was a great experience to work with you all !!!!!

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