Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Last weekend We got the opportunity to head to boulder and hang out with Bean and some other friends. Lots of people gather to celebrate and support Bean and Helen Bowers.
Currently Bean is battling Cancer, but his positive energy, how strong he is, the help and love of His wife and every body's good energy that he is receiving is keeping him in the "good" side of things.

Lots of his friends put together a fund raise to help them paid part of all the expenses that you end up getting when you end up having to goo may many times to the doctor. Plus all the other test and treatment that you have to get, in order to have a chance against this type of condition.
Lots of cool gear, trips and great things were sold and good amount of money was collected.

One of the many cool part, is that every body was invited!!!!! :)

Lots of beer were served great music was played and all of us celebrating together Bean's fight and how strong he is fighting Cancer.

Our friend Kelly Kordes was the MC all night long. Great job BRO!!!!!!!!
The coolest part of the night, it was the award that Bean received for been him, for been in our life's and for putting that strong fight and staying positive in this process.
Keep it up. We will be there for you Man!!!!

Any DONATIONS it will be highly appreciated. You can go to
www. beanfever.com and get all the info in order to make a donation. We can all help each other!!!!!

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