Monday, September 20, 2010


My first stop after leaving WA, was to check out Lodi.
Lodi is one of the coolest Drop Zone in the USA.
Super Cheap and great atmosphere make Lodi one of the best places to jump.
The first persons that I saw once I got there was my good friends Dean Potter and Ammon Mcneely. Since I didn't knew anybody there seeing them was awesome.
After chatting with them and getting all the beta about the DZ there we wore on our way to go jumping together.

Super good jump with them. Know there we wore packing the rigs and getting ready to do it again. This two in this photo are the most impressive jumpers and climbers that you will ever meet. Plus this guys are the most humble people too.
Dean had to go back to Yosemite, so it was Ammon and I for the rest of the time in Lodi.
Ammon took me under his wing and start teaching me lots.
In one of our jumps together, we had a little crash way up there at terminal speed 120 MPH!!.
We wore docking on a 2 way formation. In about 25 sec after we exit the plain and in one of our attempts to dock, I got little to high from him and them I cam down very fats hitting him and smashing his camera I boost my lip!!!! but we keep going forward to our plan.. super fun jump :) once we reach the ground we find out that the camera is totally broke. went to target get other camera and keep going with the fun times.
What a cool place to jump. Here the pretty ladies show what's up to the boys. Yeah ladies !!!!!!!!! way to gooooooo!!!!!!
After 3 days of jumping it was time for me to go climbing to Yosemite.
unfortunately Ammon got boosted jumping from el Cap, so he wanted to stay out of the park for awhile.

Very good times in Lodi highly recommended to check out that DZ...
Thank to Dean and Ammon for all the good times and all the learning from them.

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