Saturday, July 24, 2010

Torment peak

On the second trip to Boston Basin, we had the opportunity to climb Torment peak.
This peak is where my really good friend and Hero Craig Luebben died on august 9 2009 and a very unfortunate accident. Climbing/guiding this peak for me it was a huge mental challenge.
Fortunately we had great weather and awesome route conditions. We Climb the direct South face to the top.
Andres Marin Collection

Here we are with Aaron on the Boston Basin high camp after our summit. For Aaron his first Alpine climbing experience. He had a awesome time.!!!!!!!

I'm almost at the summit of the peak after climbing a good 1,200 feet of mid 5 class alpine rock.
Summit!!!! of Torment super cool view. remembering CL :)
Andres Marin Collection

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