Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lizard Head

Once on the ground we took last photo to record a awesome climb/day/adventure with a very awesome friend thanks Jovan bro for a great climb!!!!
After some chilling at the summit and checking what it could be a great base jump from the back side of the tower, we start our descent to the ground (Jovan rappelling from the top) and then back to the car. 

once on the Summit the view was awesome. The San Juan's look very pretty in a 360 view.  
After little OW trickery at 13,000 feet I was on my way for the final semi chimney and the end of the pitch.  

And the we wore at the base of the last and crux pitch. It was pretty good 5.8+ overhanging OW

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  1. checking out your site... cool photos! keep on climbing.....


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